Jessilyn Calderwood



Jessilyn Calderwood is a creative producer and writer who lives in Berlin. Over the last 9 years, her projects have ranged from the conceptual to the practical, from long-term strategy to rapid execution. She has been instrumental in building entire programs and offices from scratch, scaling teams from zero to 40 people, from a corner of one office to multinational operations. 

More recently, Jessilyn has taken on an active role in studio operations, managing project staffing, recruitment, revenue forecasting and profit reporting. In her spare time, she also coordinates her studio's marketing events and writes promotional copy.

Through this, she has come to value working with people who are talented, tireless, and kind. Her belief is that profitable, enduring client relationships depend on an environment which allows the team to do great work, confidently and happily.

Constantly challenging the boundaries of the status quo, Jessilyn encourages exploration and creativity while keeping a steady hand on the end goal. She connects with everyone she meets in order to learn their story and support what they do. And she's been fortunate enough to be part of incredible teams that all strive towards this same philosophy.





Brewed a beer and made an app with three of her colleagues

Became the first person to cycle through Burma on a tandem

Recorded a demo and made her solo debut at Carnegie Hall

Sustained a long distance relationship using the power of music

Met interesting people all over the world and wrote about them


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